Stray Dog Committee

Stray Dog Committee, in V.P. Shristhal Canacona. of NameDetails of Committee MembersRemark
1CANACONASHRISTHALShri Pandurang Gurko Gaonkar- Chairmen 5
2CANACONASHRISTHALShri. Ramu Jaiwant Naik – Member 5
3CANACONASHRISTHALShri. Satyawan G.N. Gaonkar - Member 5
4CANACONASHRISTHALShri. Kushali Bhiso Velip - Members 5
5CANACONASHRISTHALShri Mhalgo Dhakro Velip - Members 5
6CANACONASHRISTHALShri Babu Yeshwant Parwar- Member 5
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